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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Treat injuries and chronic conditions with platelet plasma therapy




Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy Los Angeles is an innovative approach for the treatment of painful joints and musculoskeletal injuries. Although blood is mainly composed of plasma, there are cells such as: platelets, white cells, and red blood cells. Multiple proteins and anti-inflammatory molecules are part of the plasma.

Platelets are known to clot blood, but they also contain growth factors, which are special proteins that help heal tissues.

The preparation of PRP concentrates these beneficial molecules. When mixed with platelets, activation of these potent anti-inflammatory factors occurs. There has been an abundance of literature and reports about the use of PRP to reduce pain.

We are the leading board of certified medical doctors who offer PRP treatment in Los Angeles. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Beverly Hills at IPS is the newest treatment for pain that many are using in order to cure any sports injury.


If I need an injection, is it dangerous?

 There are risks of inserting a needle into the body. These include bleeding, infection and lack of benefit. These risks are minimal and the vast majority of patients see enormous benefits because we select the treatment modality carefully. The benefits of performing pain intervention are carefully calculated and discussed against risks before we proceed with any treatment

What do you inject?

There are different medications/compounds that may be offered. The goal is to reduce or eliminate pain and improve function. The medication and compounds may include steroids, platelet rich plasma(PRP), A2M(alpha 2 macro globulin ), Stem cells.

How long will the benefits of an injection last?

It’s not possible to accurately predict the level and duration of benefit. Many of our patients have improvement or elimination of their pain with a single injection. We reevaluate every patient after each intervention. All decisions on further treatment are discussed as a team.

When it comes to medication mgt, do you provide medication management?

Dr. Graf uses many medications for pain. Many of these medications are habit forming and require careful monitoring . When appropriate patients will receive opioid medications under Dr. Graf’s supervision. Dr. Graf is recognized for his expertise as an addiction management physician in assisting patients in withdrawing from habit forming medications."

Can my pain be controlled without injections or pain medicine?

Yes, there are many options depending on if it’s musculoskeletal or nerve pain.

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